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Avril Lavigne

Under My Skin
song real windows
take me away low | high low | high
together low | high low | high
don't tell me low | high low | high
he wasn't low | high low | high
how does it feel low | high low | high
my happy ending low | high low | high
nobody's home low | high low | high
forgotten low | high low | high
who knows low | high low | high
fall to pieces low | high low | high
freak out low | high low | high
slipped away low | high low | high

Rock & roll wild child Avril Lavigne hit big in summer 2002 with her spiky-fun debut song "Complicated," shifting pop music into a different direction. Lavigne, who was 17 at the time, didn't seem concerned with the glamor of the TRL-dominated pop world and such confidence allowed her star power to soar.

The middle of three children in small town Napanee, Ontario, Lavigne's rock ambitions were noticeable around age two. By her early teens, she was already writing songs and playing guitar. The church choir and local festivals and county fairs also allowed Lavigne to get her voice heard, and luckily, Arista Records' main man Antonio "L.A." Reid was listening. He offered her a deal, and at 16, Lavigne's musical dreams became reality.
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